L.I.E.S.2011, is an acronym for; Lists and Inventories of Earth Series 2011.

Each mind is a vessel of information. - A conduit of thoughts and ideas. Our sensory bodies are like a mask. Behind this mask lies a complex set of memories and instructions motivating our unique behavior. Relationships between two people, are still always triangular with a third. One to the other and the third party being the rest of the world.

The myriad of Earthly things all are imbued with energy and motion. Our more complex intelligence may be used to serve the life of our outer selves and/or the inner life of our minds. 

All human kind is like a child growing up in the world, that is our host. We are only guests here. Visitors for a short while. Nothing can be held in our grasp for more than a few moments. 

So I offer you these objects as art. – To be useful. – To reMIND. – To bring joy or respite to your inner life. The human consciousness that has always been there and always will be. Just as energy never disappears. Our inner lives and how they motivate us to operate our mechanical puppet bodies; The action within our thought, and the actions of these gifted human bodies, animated with joy, are what we are responsible and accountable for. What we cause to happen with these actions are the only “things” we could really own. 

S.C.   /   May 11                                          scottcousins.CO 

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